Communication of the 16th MGSD Congress

Slide sets of the 16th Annual Congress of the Mediterranean Group for the Study of Diabetes are now available.

Click to display and download the presentations listed in the programme.

1. Lecture: Epigenetics and Diabetes

C. Ling (Sweden), Epigenetics and Diabetes

2. MGSD Studies: MODY study

A. Bonnefond (France), MODY study

3. Young Investigators’ session

H. Ahmadieh (Lebanon), Diabetes Mellitus and Depression: Relation to Glycemic Control

H.R. Badr (Egypt), The Association between Osteoporosis and Microvascular Complications among Egyptian Type 2 Diabetic Patients

F.Z.C. Ouazzani (Morocco), Ankle-Brachial Index Testing and Erectile Dysfunction

C. Festa (Italy), Flash on microbiome in GDM and non-GDM pregnancies

R. Hashem Ibrahim (Egypt), Relation between Plasma Apelin Level and Peripheral Neuropathy in Type2 Diabetic Patients

M. Imaouen (Morocco), Ocular Complications in Early Onset Type 2 Diabetes compared with Type 1 Diabetes: Risk Factors, Clinical Impact and Management

F.Rhamri Tlemçani (Morocco), Diabetes and Ramadan: What is the Impact on Non-Fasting Patients?

4. Symposium

A. Amod (South Africa), Keeping an Eye on the Kidney: this is essential in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes

S. Hadjad (France), How to Optimize the Management of Diabetic Kidney Disease?

5. Workshop – Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

J.F. Gautier (France), The View of the Diabetologist

G. Marchesini (Italy), Update on Management (Who to Follow)

6. Roundtable – Management of hypertension and dyslipidemia in diabetic patients

J. Silva Nunes (Portugal)/M. Rizzo (Italy), CV Risk and Damage

M. Khattab (Egypt), How to Diagnose and Manage

7. Lecture – Glucotoxicity: when does it begin and how to treat?

C. Saab (Lebanon), Glucotoxicity: When does it Begin and How to Treat?

8. Workshop – Big Data

A. Templier (France), Electronical Medical Records from a Data Mining Start-up Perspective

P.A. Gourraud (France), Electronical Medical Records from the Clinical Perspective

T. Tankova (Bulgaria), CGM: How to Use it and How to Manage the Data?

9. Workshop – Therapeutic Education: From the Physician and Psychologist Perspectives

J. Raposo (Portugal)/A.L. Covinhas (Portugal), From the Physician and Psychologist Perspectives

10. Meet the Expert – Is Physical Activity Right?

S. Larsen (Denmark), Basic Science (Mitochondria)

11. Workshop – Management of Diabetic Foot from a Multidisciplinary Approach

N. Tentolouris (Greece), Pathophysiology of Microvascular and Neuropathic Complications of Diabetic Foot

12. Workshop – Diabetes Remission

M. Krempf (France), Diet

I. Elebrashy (Egypt), Medications

F. Finucane (Ireland), Metabolic Surgery

13. Hippocrate Prize

L. Veiga (Portugal), Genetic risk for type 2 diabetes in Portuguese obese women

14. Averroes Prize

A. Elew Mh (Egypt), Cognition and central auditory processing in type 2 diabetes mellitus