Members: Samir Helmy ASSAAD KHALIL

E-mail :
Doctor of Medicine, Professor of Medicine
Alexandria, Egypt

Current Position:
– Professor and Head of the Department of Internal Medicine. Head of the Unit of Diabetes, Metabolism & Immunology. Alexandria Faculty of Medicine, Ramleh Station, Alexandria, Egypt
– Senior Consultant of the Health Insurance Authority (HIA) of Alexandria and North West Delta Region.
– Consultant Diabetologist of the HIA Diabetic Centers (56 000 adult patients).
– Consultant Diabetologist of the Diabetic Center of the Alexandria Student Hospital (3100 patients – children & adolescents).
– Head of the University Diabetes Center (1000 patients).
– Member of the Board of Direction of “St Takla” Hospital (Non Profit Organization).
– President of the Board of Direction of “House of Grace” Hospital (Non Profit Organization).
– WHO Consultant for Diabetes Education (EMRO Region).
– WHO Consultant (EMRO Region) & Visiting Professor to the Sfax Faculty of Medicine, Tunisia (in the domain of Behçet’s Disease).

Special Area of Interest and Expertise:
Diabetes & Metabolism. Immunology. Epidemiology. Patients’ education.
– MB.Ch.B Alexandria University, 1971.
– Workshop on Chemical Hazards Preventive & Resuscitation Measures, 1973.
– DM (Internal Medicine) Alexandria University, 1973.
– MD Thesis, Mission to the Wilhelm Pieck University, Rostock, Germany, 1975-76.
– Workshops & Training on Immunological Techniques.
– Central Research Laboratory in UK, USA and Germany from 1975 to 1978.
– Diploma on Fundamentals of Educational Practice, Faculty of Pedagogy, Alexandria University, 1981.
– Workshop on Application of Educational Practice, Faculty of Pedagogy, Alexandria University, 1981.
– Training Workshops on Education, Alexandria University, 1980-1982.
– MD (Doctor Degree in Internal Medicine) Alexandria University, 1982.
– Post Doctoral Mission (immunology, immunogenesis, immunogenetics, diabetology, lipidology), Paris University, France: 1983-84,
– Repeated visits to the Department of Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, Rostock University, Rostock, Germany, 1985-1995

Other Activities:
– Member of 22 medical national or international societies
– Member of 14 para-medical societies and non Medical NGOs
– Foundation & President of the Board of Direction (PBD) of St Takla Hospital since 1986.
– Foundation & PBD of House of Grace Hospital since 1993. This hospital and the precedent one, are institutions serving poor population.
– Foundation of the Egyptian Group for Medical Ethics.
– Foundation of the Diabetes Scouts Project.
– Co-foundation of the Egyptian Group for the Study of Diabetes
– Co-foundation of the Diabetes & Atherosclerosis Patient Welfare Society
– Co-foundation of the Egyptian Association of Intensive Care Medicine
– Staff Member of the French Filial of the Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

Editorial boards and Publications
– Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Egyptian Association of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism since 2000
– Assessor-reviewer of the APLAR Journal of Rheumatology and of the International Journal Arthritis Research & Therapy.
– Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of the Georgian Association of Diabetes and the Medical Journal of Azerbaijan.

More than 150 publications in scientific journals
Author or co-author of 10 books books related to diabetes and metabolism