Members: Mohamed Tawfik Khattab

Mohamed Tawfik Khattab
Executive member

Name: Mohamed Tawfik Khattab
Date of Birth: 5 May 1951.
Nationality: Egyptian.
Address: 258, El Sudan St., Mohandessin, Egypt
Tel: +202 33463241 – Mobile: +20122100172 – E-mail:

Professional Position:
• Emeritus Professor of internal medicine and diabetes, Cairo university
• Consultant physician and diabetologist in Assalam International hospital in Maadi-Cairo.
• Consultant physician and diabetologist in New Kasr El Eini teaching hospital.
• Director of Kasr El Eini vascular Laboratory, Cairo University.
• Past President of the vascular unit, Past Head of the internal medicine department, Cairo University.

Professional activities:
• Member of the Egyptian group of Diabetes and the Egyptian Society of Internal Medicine.
• Member of the Egyptian Association of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Atherosclerosis.
• Member of the Mediterranean Group for the Study of Diabetes.
• Board member of the national group of diabetes, Egyptian Ministry of Health. Egypt.

• The Prize of the Cairo governorate doctor syndicate for the ideal doctor in the internal medicine department, faculty of Medicine, Cairo University (Year 2007).
• The Prize of the Egyptian doctor syndicate for the ideal professor, faculty of medicine, Cairo University (Year 2008) fort his role in student, post graduate and continuous medical education.

Areas of interest:
• In the last 15 years, focused on the link between diabetes, vascular disease and lipidology.

• Several Publications in vascular diseases, diabetes and lipidology.
• Several presentations in national, regional and international meetings in diabetes, vascular diseases and lipidology.