Members: Rachid MALEK

Rachid MALEK
E-mail :
Professor, Head of Department
Setif, Algeria

Current Position:
Head of Internal Medicine Department, University Hospital Setif (19000, Algeria), since 1996.

Special Area of Interest and Expertise:
2005: Professor, Head of Department, summa cum laude
2003: Professor, summa cum laude in internal medicine
1999: Assistant Professor, summa cum laude
1998: Doctor of Medical Science. Postgraduate diploma in internal medicine: summa cum laude
1990: Postgraduate diploma in internal medicine. Postgraduate diploma in teaching of medicine
1985: Doctor of Medicine

Public health: Coordination and organization of a type 2 diabetes screening in East and South East Algeria in 22 districts: 96 000 diabetics detected
Member of the Smoking Prevention Committee
Research: Manager of a project certified in 2002 by National Agency for Health Research and Development: Type 2 diabetes: strategy of the Center for Evaluation and Information and early screening

Other Activities:
– Association for Assistance to Diabetic Patients in Setif: founding member and president from 1993 to 1997
Honorary President from 1998 to now. Responsible for scientific activities within the association (organization of two one-week therapeutic education courses in Setif for diabetic children and adolescents in 2005 and 2006)
– Member of the National Diabetology Committee
– President of the Scientific Committee of the Setif Medical School from 2004 to now

– Vice-president of the Algerian Society of Diabetology from 2002 to now
– Vice-president of the Algerian Society of Internal Medicine
– Member of the board of the North-African Society of Diabetology and Endocrinology
– Member of the Board of the Mediterranean Group for the Study of Diabetes (2007)

Teaching activities
– Undergraduate courses: teaching of the clinical signs module from 1993 and of the endocrinology, diabetology, and nutrition module from 1998
– Postgraduate courses: teaching internal medicine to residents
– President of the Third Year Teaching Committee in the School of Medicine
– Organization and coordination in Setif of a one-week regional course on diabetes and metabolic diseases as part of ongoing training of general practitioners from East and South East Algeria
– PhD adviser in the medical sciences

Articles and Publications:
27 papers at international meetings and congresses
48 papers at national meetings and congresses
Various publications in Diabetes & Metabolism

Center of interest:
Epidemiology and intervention in nontransmissible chronic diseases (diabetes)