Marian Benroubi, MD:

When, in the year 1985, I was asked to join the MGSD group, I must admit that my first thought was: “This will be a great opportunity to visit countries that are not included in the EASD meetings.”

I was not at all convinced at that time of the necessity for the existence of such a new scientific group and rather dubious regarding its potential.

The first meeting disproved me totally. I realized that such a group was indeed necessary in order to give Doctors of the Mediterranean basin the opportunity to express themselves scientifically, which they would not otherwise be able to do at an EASD Congress, as well as to analyze problems which were entirely specific to the Mediterranean region.

The fact that French was an official language, in addition to English, enlarged the spectrum of participants and enhanced its impact.

I have been very favorably impressed by the tremendous improvement in scientific level of exchange during the last few years.

The presentation of posters, round table discussions, as well as lectures, have been of such an interest per se, that they are really worth following.

Educational as well as social issues related to diabetes have been touched upon in a way that has created feverish discussion among participants, something seldom seen in other International meetings.

I consider the Teaching Slides, (as well as the Diabetes manual), to be a tool of exceptional value, as addressed to the general practitioner and other health care providers. In Greece both of these have been extensively used, despite them not having been translated locally.

In my opinion, the MGSD Bulletin is another example of a short treatise that is read with considerable interest, because it deals with issues that interest all clinical diabetologists.

I have participated in all the MGSD meetings taking place until now, either as a speaker or a simple delegate. I feel that the MGSD is becoming increasingly demanding of its speakers and this demonstrates, that when the opportunity arises, new entities such as this can still be created which are of substantial value to the scientific community.