10th MGSD Congress (Istanbul)

The 10th Meeting of our Association, founded in 1985, took place in Istanbul from 26th to 29th April, 2007.

Professor Ilkova welcomed the participants:

“Dear Friends and Colleagues On behalf of the Mediterranean Group for the Study of Diabetes (MGSD), I would like to welcome you to its 10th MGSD Congress that will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, April 26-29, 2007.

Since its establishment, MGSD has grown and become an association attracting the medical community in the field of diabetes from the North Bank and South banks of the Mediterranean Basin. Within this domain, MGSD facilitates the exchange of knowledge and expertise on diabetes, both in scientific research, in practical aspects of patient care, and in patient education.

Under the leadership of its President Professor B. Charbonnel and its Honorary President Professor G. Crepaldi, the Executive Board of the MGSD has prepared a scientific programme that will cover most of the fields of Diabetology, including scientific and clinical issues. Poster presentations and free communications will allow the participants to bring to the meeting their own experience in the field and share it with colleagues from different Mediterranean countries.

Istanbul, the site of the 10th MGSD Congress, is a metropolis dating back 2000 years, bridging two continents and uniting different cultures and civilizations, including the Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, as well as the modern Republic of Turkey. In the context of the MGSD, Istanbul will bring together colleagues from the North and South banks of the Mediterranean, thus acting as a hub for North Africa, Asia and Europe. The participants of the Congress will have the opportunity to savor the history of two millennia, as well as experience the famous Turkish cuisine and hospitality.

I encourage and welcome with enthusiasm all of you to take part in the 10th MGSD Congress, which will provide the unique experience of exchanging knowledge on diabetes in the Mediterranean Basin, in an ancient and contemporary Imperial City.”

Professor Hasan Hilkova